Local Notice to Mariners

YemenGulf of Aden

Yemen Ports Authority

Port of Aden

Yemeni Coastguard Patrols


The Port of Aden hereby notifies all shipping that, following the establishment of the Yemeni Coastguard Service in 2004, patrols of the Outer and Inner Harbours at the Port of Aden are being carried out on a 24/7 basis by coastguard craft.

These craft are currently of two types, as follows:

·        Former US Coastguard Inshore Patrol Boats, approximately 14 metres in length, with white hulls and a diagonal red stripe on each side of the hull.

·        Grey colour GRP (fibre-glass) high speed boats, approximately 7 metres in length, fitted with outboard motors and with a roof over the boat operators’ position aft.

Coastguard officers and crew wear blue uniform shirt, navy blue trousers, and may be armed.  

It is anticipated that larger boats will be delivered to the Yemeni Coastguard Service in future and will be based initially at the coastguard base being constructed in Aden harbour.   Shipping will be notified as and when these craft are brought into service. 

Thumbnails of coastguard boats are shown below. It can be enlarged by clicking on them.




Captain Hussein As-Saaidi

Harbour Master/Port Officer

Port of Aden, Yemen

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Coastguard Boat # 1

Coastguard Boat # 2

Coastguard Boat # 3

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