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1st July 2004 

To All Port Users, Shipping Agents,

International Shipping and Port Facilities Operators


ISPS Statements of Compliance for Port Facilities at Aden

 1.            The IMO International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code) under Chapter XI-2 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) 1974 relating to ship and port security enters into force today.

2.            In recent months the Government of Yemen has carried out all necessary actions to ensure that security measures in Yemeni ports and terminals comply with the requirements of the ISPS Code.

3.            Yemen Ports Authority (YPA) has been advised by the Designated Authority responsible for Port Facilities[1] in the Gulf of Aden, that the following port facilities in the Port of Aden were issued with Statements of Compliance with the ISPS Code on 30th June 2004.

·        The Aden Oil Harbour

·        The Aden Container Terminal

·        The Ma’alla Multi-purpose Terminal

·        Aden Passenger Terminal

4.            The Designated Authority has provided YPA with copies of these Statements of Compliance which can be provided to shipping companies, and shipping agents for circulation to their principles, as required.

5.            As stated in a YPA Circulated dated 30th June, the Designated Authority has advised YPA that SECURITY LEVEL 1 has been declared for the ports of Aden and Mukalla with immediate effect and any changes in security level will be promulgated by Yemen Ports Authority and a notice will be posted at the YPA Website at http://www.portofaden.com.   The Port Facility Security Officers will be informed of any changes in security level at Aden and Mukalla by the Designated Authority.




Captain Abdulla Ibrahim Abkar

Director General


[1]       As defined under Chapter XI-2 of SOLAS 1974 Regulation 1