Mission statement
To act as a regional cargo handling, transshipment and distribution centre, provide high quality services to port users, to bring the Port of Aden back to its former role as the premier maritime centre for the region and to support the economic development of the city of Aden and of the country.

The port undertakes:

To its customers
  • To meet their needs through providing reliable and efficient services,
  • to plan the expansion of the port to match advances in marine and port technology,
  • to offer competitive pricing and effective cost control to enable the port to earn a reasonable return on its investment to finance expansion,
  • to use modern port and information technologies to gain competitive advantage.
To its employees
  • The port recognizes its employees as its most important resource and will provide them with the means to improve their skills and personal circumstances as Aden grows and develops.
To the city of Aden
  • to provide a fundamental resource and a basis on which the city can develop its services and infrastructure,
  • to maintain a clean, safe marine environment which every citizen can enjoy.
To the nation
to provide a gateway for the import and export of goods to and from Yemen,

to attract direct calls by mainline container ships, reducing shipping costs for importers and exporters and helping exporters to compete,

to stimulate national development through the provision of frequent and efficient marine transport services to and from Yemen.

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